Photography by Desmond Muckian [HQ]

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if you don’t mind, could you tell me what movie the first gif in this gif set is from: ?

The movie is called unrelated. ❤

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Tom Hiddleston + soaking wet

Tom Hiddleston's Ice Bucket Challenge + his tongue


Tom Hiddleston ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Complete Version) 

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Did you two do anything in particular to sort of work on your relationship before the cameras started rolling?

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Went to see Guardians of the Galaxy tonight with my SO and ended up sitting beside Tom "Loki" Hiddleston!


The cinema was basically empty, about 16 people there and not by choice (but divine freakin’ intervention) he ended up sitting beside us. After the movie was over and everyone was waiting for the after credits scene (including Tom) I psyched myself up to talk to him. It was as everyone was…


You and Aubrey have a lot of very intense sex scenes in the movie. Is it weird when the director is dating your co-star?
Yes… Yeah it’s weird even to get a phone call that’s like, “Hey, will you be my girlfriend’s boyfriend?”

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